Bare Toed in the Garden

Bare Toed in the Garden weaves together movement play, dance, trapeze and music to create the magic of a year in a fantastic garden. The bare toed performers move around a specially designed set to fly, swing and dance through the rhythms and changes of the seasons, accompanied by live music from Keith Mills of Shed Studio. Themes include friendship, being in harmony with the natural environment, and the passage of time (the rhythm of the day and the changes of the season).

Each performance is followed by a workshop for up to thirty children. This provides an opportunity to explore kinaesthetic and creative responses to the piece through music and dance as well as a rare opportunity to hang on the trapeze.
To our knowledge ‘Bare Toed in the Garden’ is the only aerial dance piece in the region (if not the country) created specifically for early years audiences.

The core members of the Bare Toed Company are also involved in Hang – a group of aerial dancers based in the region.



Photos by Keith Mills……………………..