The Company was set up in 2001 to bring together the energy of Jo, Rachel and Lynn, three North East movement artists keen to share skills, expertise and ideas to create new work. 

In the years that followed we extended our skills and vision and began to explore performances for early years and project management.  We now deliver and manage projects both indoors and outdoors, offer training, research, classes and collaborations throughout the region and beyond. As well as having established steady relationships with arts teams, education, arts and health organisations, we continue to forge new connections and collaborations as we flow with our vision and the arts and health world around us.  Some things have changed but we have managed to stay close to our original dreaming which was/is to create opportunities for all to access well being through embodied wisdom and creativity. We ran out of space to include all of our more recent adventures here, but the image below gives an idea of how it all started for The Bare Toed Dance Company.