• Bare Toed makes me feel free outside every Tuesday
  • I loved the trapeze, when I hung upside down it felt like the world had turned around
  • Calm, action, kindness, oxygen, opportunity, no boring bits – Bare Toed Come Back!

Year 4 pupils from Prior Park First School in Berwick

  • Following on from the residency I feel confident to play with some of those embodied creativity ideas and make them my own
  • At first I thought what you were doing was really easy – but when I tried it I found being that open to the children’s ideas, that trusting, that positive was really hard. The working together and mentoring really helped.
  • Bare Toed were a breath of fresh air! And not just because we got outside every session!

Teachers from Prior Park First School in Berwick


Couldn’t leave today without saying what a fantastic conclusion to the Bare Toed project todays performance has been. We absolutely loved it and our staff are buzzing with enthusiasm…..can’t remember the last time every single parent/carer commented on how fab something was.  Bare Toed are just fantastic!

Deborah Iles, Redhill childrens centre, Stockton

The Bare Toed show was so nice I couldn’t make my mouth do talking

Cala (aged 2)


  • When you work with inspired people you realise what a fantastic resource you are yourself to the children – it feeds them and means everybody is having fun and working together. Thanks you Bare Toed for an inspiring reminder
  • Had so much fun and I’m sure the children will enjoy it as much as me
  • The practical activities were backed up by theory and useful language – I feel so motivated to share these ideas with staff and of course with the children.

Teachers from South Tyneside