Influences and CPD


Scientific Research on Child Development: Bare Toed’s work is reflected in a wide body of research into child development that has grown enormously over the last few decades. From Bowbly’s attachment theory to Colwyn Trevarthan’s studies of infant communication. Sue Gerhardt’s work bringing together neuro science and early development (see the book reference below ‘Why Love Matters’) and the work of Suzanne Zeedyk of Dundee University.

Dance: The company members came together more than 12 years ago through a mutual interest in Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms dance. We all resonated with the free, expressive, improvisational nature of the dance combined with containing structures and a focus on well being.

Other influences include: Movement Medicine, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centering, Aerial Dance, Contact Improvisation, Acro-yoga, Yoga and Developmental Movement and more!

All of this and a mutual deep calling to trust and nurture the wisdom of our bodies and the human condition provided the rich earth from which the Bare Toed Dance company has grown. All the company members have different degrees of experience in a variety of dance forms and employ all our individual gifts to bring to our work.

Books we like!

Why Love Matters – Sue Gerhard

Yoga for New Mothers by Francois Barbira Freedman and Doriel Hall

The Science of Parenting – Margot Sutherland

Hopping Home Backwards – Penny Greenland

Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy – Helen Payne

How babies know minds – Vasu Reddy

Learning through Play – Tina Bruce

Playing and Learning Outdoors – Jan White

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman

Too safe for their own good – Jenny Lindan

The brain that changes itself – Norman Goigde

The Tao of Leadership – John Heider

Animals in Translation – Temple Grandin

The Wisdom of the Body Moving – Linda Hartley



Education:Archimedes Forrest School training with Rich Wood, Jasmine Pasch EY dance specialist, Colwyn Trevarthen, Ruth Nichol, Body Mind Centring, Mountain Leadership, Reggio Emilia, Dance Movement Therapy, Active Birth, language and communication, raising boys achievement, occupational therapy.


Health and social: First aid, equity in teaching,inclusion.


Artistic & personal development: 5 Rhythms dance, Movement Medicine, Yoga and Forrest Yoga, Meditation and other reflective and awareness practices.


Performance: Jeff Meiners of the University of South Australia, Mish Weaver consultant director/mentor, Flick Ferdinand consultant director, Paula Turner consultant director, Bell & Bullock, Mona McCarthy, Mimbre acrobatic dance, Guy Dartnell, Star Catchers early years theatre, Take off Festival.


Aerial dance: Working at height, Fidget Feet aerial performance, Lynn Routledge, Okhams Razor, Retourement.


Business: Caroline Pearce, Natalie Querol, MT Media.